Counter 1. Participant personality and types of internet dating software made use of (N = 31)

Counter 1. Participant personality and types of internet dating software made use of (N = 31)

Layout 1: Picking Mr. Appropriate – testing and choosing a Partner

The players advised multiple element to identify suitable fights on internet dating software. Except that real feature and geolocations, the three elements below happened to be highlighted as essential in choosing beneficial couples for sex-related relationships.

Sex Duties

Although apprehensive, the participants generally search for an accommodate for their sexual parts to support quick intimate encounters. Should they encounter people that prefer the same erotic rankings (one example is, each of all of them want to preform insertive anal sex), some participants would abandon using an encounter many would agree to non-penetrative gender (for example. dental “blow tasks” or hands-on “hand job” love). A threesome was also achievable if person had beneficial actual feature, such getting powerfully built.

I don’t have always to try to do anal … things basic, for example smooching or making use of arms (creating hands career), can also be “fun” (love) for me’. (Interviewee 21, 28 yrs . old, have employed matchmaking software for over 6 months)

Serostatus and Experiment Benefits

Some dating apps enable individuals to disclose her HIV reputation within their pages. But this was seldom applied or noticed by our very own individuals, as disclosing their unique STI standing by giving images of recent test outcomes before installing a laid-back sexual experience was prevalent. The members’ mindsets toward HIV/STI disclosure happened to be diverse. Internet dating software owners shown different perceptions toward the set of HIV/STwe status on one’s account, with (1) some admiring more people’s trustworthiness in showing their information; (2) some not relying the outcomes displayed; (3) some steering clear of individuals with good results, particularly those with HIV standing; and (4) some getting unconcerned.

People can rest. Extremely … What i’m saying is, i shall enjoy should they place it within, but I would not merely pick it’. (Interviewee 10, years older, experienced made use of internet dating applications for over twelve months)

(When person reported that he is HIV-positive on his own page) I would stay away from drawing near to him for sex, yet it is entirely okay being close friends with him’. (Interviewee 15, 19 years of age, have employed a relationship programs close to six months)

I would personally respect this person a whole lot. In All Honesty, this sort of people was a better selection for a long-term relationship’. (Interviewee 28, 38 years, had utilized going out with software for under a month)

Locations for Love-making

Although areas to generally meet may be easily positioned, some research paper assistance site interviewees would not self sex in public or semi-public cities, such as for instance community bathrooms. For a few belonging to the players, it may be advantageous if a place maybe made available from the fit, especially for younger customers.

I actually prefer likely to resorts, but I’m however learning, hence unless an individual can pay for all the place scheduling, I’ll stay with checking out their home’. (Interviewee 20, 23 years, received used internet dating apps for more than 12 months)

Housing and rentals are regarded as secure and, hence, happened to be the most popular, while motels are often stopped due to the sensed chance of discomfort and anxiety pertaining to his or her LGBT friendliness.

Planning to motels in Hong-Kong can be very awkward because most ones are often for men and female and they are not just LGBT genial. We dont strive to be stared at’. (Interviewee 27, 31 years old, got used online dating programs for longer than twelve months)

Theme 2: App-Facilitated Sexual ways – modifications and Adaptations

The individuals selected the kinds of intimate ways after acquiring an appropriate fit on internet dating software. Sometimes they provided their choices entirely on the company’s application profiles through verbal or non-verbal cues, like for example emoji. Here methods happened to be recommended getting commonly carried out with software games or were frequently caused by people on software.

Condomless Intercourse

The vast majority of participants comprise wary about studying secure sex. They often considered staying away from a condom as long as (1) either companion would be having PrEP or (2) they certainly were in a detailed commitment because of the guy.

Unless I Am Just really tight with your or accustomed to his updates, I Would Personally not become condomless’. (Interviewee 5, 24 years, received made use of online dating applications for over a year)

However, condomless love was also documented from the players, specifically when these people were younger, in their primary meeting with individuals through on the web apps. The younger players comprise much less experienced about sexual intercourse and happened to be unacquainted with the results of condomless love. Therefore, they were typically convinced or pressured by their particular fights to perform unsafe anal transmission.

I found myself quite younger at that moment so he got experienced in intercourse. Most of us visited his or her environment and that I recognized nothing about safety, so we achieved it without a condom. It Absolutely Was our primary sex’. (Interviewee 14, 22 years old, have utilized a relationship apps for longer than one year)


Almost all of the members decided on the creating demand for chemsex. On matchmaking apps, you can easily determine chemsex owners through particular icons (e.g., ice-cream and snowflakes, which represent methamphetamine/ice) on the application account and very common collection phrases. Concerns about the side effects of chemsex, contains lower autonomy in making use of condoms and also the possibilities of becoming hooked, comprise attributed by individuals who have been against leisure pill utilize. Some non-users in addition linked HIV/STIs with chemsex and assumed that all chemsex cellphone owner had been affected. Furthermore, chemsex customers revealed problems in making use of condoms and greater engagement in-group intercourse.

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